Targeting Tummy Fat: Can you Spot Reduce?

2019-01-24 9:29:48 AM

The answer is no. You cannot spot reduce. It is impossible to lose weight in just one area of your body. When you lose weight via diet and exercising, you lose weight all over your body. However, you might lose weight faster in some areas of your body than others due to your body composition … Continue reading “Targeting Tummy Fat: Can you Spot Reduce?”

Breasts or boobs? (Part 1)

2018-08-25 3:14:39 PM

Dr. Gregory Oyinloye Why do most people like breasts? Not chicken breasts or beef chunks, but the reproductive accessory seen on the chest of most women and some men. This is probably because they give some identity, beauty and a deep sensuality to the bearer. So many people are attracted to different types of breasts, … Continue reading “Breasts or boobs? (Part 1)”