Breasts or boobs? (Part 1)

2018-08-25 3:14:39 PM

Dr. Gregory Oyinloye Why do most people like breasts? Not chicken breasts or beef chunks, but the reproductive accessory seen on the chest of most women and some men. This is probably because they give some identity, beauty and a deep sensuality to the bearer. So many people are attracted to different types of breasts, … Continue reading “Breasts or boobs? (Part 1)”

Can Women Strength Train without looking Bulky?

2018-07-04 12:27:22 PM

By Rume Ameke The answer is a resounding yes! Women can strength train as part of their fitness routine and not look bulky. Strength training is great for building lean muscle for both men and women but because women do not have the male hormone testosterone, we are not prone to putting on so much … Continue reading “Can Women Strength Train without looking Bulky?”