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    Hi guys, my name is Shannon and I am from Nairobi. Somehow I stumbled on this website and I have been hooked. Good job, great content! I want to be part of this forum and I’m starting today by making you laugh.

    Motherhood for me has been a a great journey and though we haven’t given our kids the best of life yet but I think we doing our best. One time we visited home so the kids will see their grandma. It was all beautiful in the typical remote african setting until night came and we were retired to native mats and my last kid, she was 2 at the time. When my other kid’s were complaining under their breathe she lay down very comfortable and said mummy please put on the fan! Lol the entire family laughed until we fell asleep. I mean people were looking for matrass to sleep on in the muddy house but not she. It thought us to be merry no matter the condition. I hope this made you smile.

    Much love African mommy’s!

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    Hello Shannon! welcome to African Mommy.  You cracked me up real good, please tell me another one. So happy to have you here.

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    This definitely made me smile and reflect. 😊 Your little girl tells us that no matter what type of situation u are going through, always remain thankful. Xx


    Thanks for sharing and welcome to African Mommy

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    Welcome to African Mommy Shannon! Your little is so adorable 😂. Happiness is a choice❤

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