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    Most times when some people hear of weaning it doesn’t necessarily mean taking baby off breast ,it simply means a time we start to compliment baby foods with solids ,it is advice that  we should  give one food at a time and monitor the child for reactions and allergy ,remember babies stomach are small and delicate we should be giving them too much portion of food at a time .if you are clueless about what to start up for baby after 6months you can start with pureed foods like apple ,potatoes ,avocadoes etc always remeber if they refuse taking today ,try again dont just quit .keep trying new things and remember to spice up food with colours (fruits and veggies )

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    Thanks for sharing, but my baby doesn’t take varieties she only takes pap and golden morn I have tried all sort of foods but it’s not working

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      golden morn is not to be given to babies less than 3 years ,pap is good once u spice it up with enough milk soya beans etc

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    Have you tried sweet potato porridge, sweet potato mixed with beans, avocado pear mashed with banana. My son loves them

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      on point dear ,avacado and banana is our daily sleeping pill.

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    Am in love with this post. It’s quite informative. Hmmmmmm babies that rejects foods are difficult to handle, I must confess.

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