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    I know it’s not so easy to stay on budget especially in this our country (Nigeria) you might decide to spend #5000 for a whole week but end up spending double, please how do we stay on budget let’s share…..

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    • Thanks for sharing, money doesn’t have value on Nigeria 
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    It’s very neccessuty to stay within your budget.  Staying within your means makes you spend wisely and allows you enjoy peace of mind. It’s a mere frivolity trying to follow trends & style that will never end at all cost

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    Have a scale of preference list but billet me tell you the truth as a mum I can’t really say I will spend this amount of money at this said time frame cos things happen that you did not even plan for .

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    Thanks for sharing, if one can stick to budget things will go right

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    Always outline your needs before spending on them. In that way,  you can stick to your budget

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