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    Mostly in African,  it’s a customer that once a girl is married,  her maiden name is being changes to that of her husband. Lately there’s a twist to that due to some reasons, making women add their surname together with that of her husband.

    I have known this lady for a while before she got married. She’s a notable personality who started her carrier at an early stage which made her to be known and recognised by all by her maiden name. Now that she’s married, she is to change her surname to that of her husband’s but this will affect her carrier badly. All she wanted is to add her surname together with that of her husband because of her carrier, just like that of Chioma Chukwuka Akpota and lots of others. This has being a serious problems as the husband does not want her surname in the change if name.

    What can she do to save her marriage and her carrier as well?

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    The effect of change of names on a carrier depends on what she does. I don’t think removing her maiden name will have much effect on her carrier, because in a very short while people will get use to her new names

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    I don’t think it’s a big deal to change or not change names. But if it will affect her career, I would advise her not to change her name. Although she should discuss with her husband first and come to an agreement

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    All she needs to do is add her husband name to the former name she’s bearing, I means husband name + maiden name and it’s all done

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    is not a big deal for me am still bearing my maiden name in my official places and hubby isnt complaing ,one should do what works for each other

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