Do bump size really determine the size of a baby at birth?

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    When I was pregnant, my baby bump so big that everyone was expecting me to have twins or more than, but when I gave birth it was just 1 a 3.2kg baby girl. There are some women that actually had a smaller bump and end up having big babies, is it the placenta that took all the spaces because I don’t understand.

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    The bump size don’t actually determine the size of your baby especially when it’s the first pregnancy, your bump seems to appear small but may be carrying a baby weighing 3.5kg.

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    Many atimes, the size of placenta takes better portion, making the pregnancy look so big as if it’s twins.

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    No it doesn’t. I had a tiny bump and I gave birth to a big baby

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    No it doesn’t but I think sometimes it does cos I’ve Seen women who bore twins or triplets and they’ve got big bellies I must say

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    I can categorically say no to this question, I as a person normally have a huge bump but my babies are always small after birthgive them weeks to blew up.

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    No it doesn’t really determine the size of a baby at birth.

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