Do We Have Breast Milk Donors in Africa?

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    Some women just are not able to nurse their children for one reason or another, but still want to provide their baby with breast milk. That is where the breast milk donors comes in.  Does this exist in Africa? Dear African mommy’s, what are your taughts on this?

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    I am not sure if we have breast milk donors  over here! Waiting on someone who is better informed to answer this.

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    I dont think so

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    Happy O

    Am just hearing this for the first time.  But come to think about it, does it mean the baby have to be taking different types of break milk from different mothers or just one single mother will be doing the donation…. Hmmmmmm,  I can’t even try that for my child, I will rather use baby milk than breast milk from unknown person

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    I haven’t heard of One but I think it’s a venture not to safe to delve into for safety reasons

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    i havent had such in africa ,but if is me i rather choose a good formular than breasfeeding my baby with anothers milk nothing is wrong with baby formular

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    Never heard of that here in Africa, but it’s a popular practice in other part of the world.

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    It’s not as bad as it seem ladies. Lol! The breast milk are usually screened to be sure itsi safe for a child. I’m also not sure if it’s practiced in Africa

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