Here is how my big mummy stomach saved My Day

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    I had to see a doctor couple of days ago and if you are conversant with General Hospital practice, you will know that  the whole place is usually filled with people. So this meant I might be in the hospital the whole day. I had to be smart. I drank four packs of water and boom I looked 5months preggo. So when I walked in I had my hand on my waist like I was feeling severe pain and I just literally walked super slow. The nurses and patients were all looking at me pitiful. Some even said Sorry. Lol! Well my file was taken forward to the doc in about 10minutes and in 15 minutes I was out of the hospital. Petty right? Lmao This is what happens when a mum is trying to rush home to her kids.

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    Lol! You sure had fun. How can you have big stomach for nothing.

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