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    My baby is over a year and I’m planning to wean her very soon but as so scared of how to go about it, she loves her milk so much especially at night, she takes it as water after taking any food. I want mothers here to share with me different methods of weaning a child.

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    I’m weaning my son at the moment. I reduced breastfeeding during the day. Then after dinner, I give him an extra late dinner at 10pm (nutribom). Then with lots of water. Luckily for me he sleeps through the night till 6 am. My friend, a mother of 3 taught me this style and it’s working. I’m not ready to thoroughly wean him till next month but I’m already preparing him. Another of my friend prepares tea down and gives her baby tea in the midnight instead of breast. I hope it helps

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      She takes her dinner at 9pm,after that it’s breast milk till morning, maybe I’ll try the tea method I pray it works

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    Winning my baby wasn’t too difficult for me cos he was and still a foodie. He started eating when he was 3months. He barely disturb for breast at night. I do give him pap a lot and similac whenever he wakes up at night and that how he forgot that breast milk ever existed

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    Weaning a child is a very challenging situation to many. Weaning my boy made me pass through lots of try & error on foods he may consider OK but it was cry, ¬†cry, cry. I was left with no choice than to take him to my mum to wean him and that’s how weaning was achieved.

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    Despite what friends, relatives, or even strangers may say, there’s no right or wrong way to wean. You can choose a time that feels right to you, or let your child wean naturally when she’s older.

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    to wean a baby is not as difficult as people think,if you have made up your mind to wean totally dont just start and stop immidiately is a gradual process ,like me i will be doing that in about three weeks time now,just reduce the amount of time the baby sucks from 4 to 3,just like that tilll you finally stop ,before you stop make sure you get handy all the necessary things baby will need like provisions ,cereals ,yorgurt etc and have someone at hand to help you,and for you the mother get yourself alligator pepper and cabbage leave fress the cabbage leave and attcahe to your bra and chew the alligator pepper it helps dry the milk and reduce pain .


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