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    Games ,can they help in child development? This is one question a lot if people do not ask. And when they do they are quick to conclude that games are just meant for play. Parents are quick focus their attention on the potential danger of the electronic video games than on the potential benefits. However if used right, Games can help with child development. Many children are only lucky enough to have a relative buy them video games as present and their parents hide it in places they cannot reach. This may be doing more harm than the good intended.

    Games can help a child brain development. How?  One would ask. Many games require the player to search, plan, negotiate, break through barriers and beat timelines in order to get to the next stage. This can also encourage critical reasoning as the child has to devise different means of overcoming these challenges. As the game progresses the player learn what to do and what not consciouslyto do at different stages in the game. It also aid decision making as the child need to make decisions on when to jump over a potential enemy or when to face it head on in a battle like in the case of the epic “Super Mario”. So when faced with real life problems they surprisingly or  unconsciously translate the learning of these into real life situations. Also these games can help a child stay motivated and these are the rewards of reaching different stages of the game.

    And finally it also help to build their reward system and they quickly understand that when reward are tied  to their actions and inaction in real life .

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