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    • Marriage without Children can be frustrating and Challenging .I went through Hell when I was TTC ,My mother in law’s and my hubby sister accused me wrongly of been responsible for Childlessness after 11 years of Marriage ,An idea to get him another woman came up ,My hubby ,so many thanks to him rejected all Ideas and suggestions .He stood by me .We tried Different Hospitals ,Doctors ,Medications to no Avail ,We did all forms of Medical test ,Scan ,My case was PID,Ovarian cyst,Infections and blocked Fallopian tube ,it was serious ,Luck smiles on me when my hubby Came across a Natural therapist who gave us a Natural therapy that Solved the Challenges ,I was sceptical before but was amazed at the Results ,Well all abdominal Pains subsided ,Symptoms gone ,I got pregnant and I had a bouncing baby boy succesfully .However some women might be-unlucky ,I want to advise and encourage Men to be Supportive of there wives,Exercise Patients as well .Light is coming at the end of Tunnel .Cheers

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