I caught my brother in law looking at my 12 year old daughter in a bad way

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    I know this might sound like paranoia but I also know what I saw. We were all sitting in the living room, watching a movie. and I asked my daughter to go and check on her little brother. While walked across the living room, her uncle who is 24 looked at her butt in a very inappropriate way. She was fully dresed in a tee and leggings. He also seemed shocked when he saw that ai caught his expression. I have tried to stylishly ask my daughter some questions and got nothing negative. But I’m not sure what to do. I don’t like the way he looked at her that day, it’s haunting me. I can’t evn talk yo my husband about it. But I know that look and I’ve seen, heard and read crazy stories

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    Hi Roselyn,

    As a mom I understand your concern and you have absolutely every right to feel that way especially as you said he was shocked when he realized you saw him. However, as you haven’t seen him do anything else and also nothing physically inappropriate aside from the stare I would say to keep a very close eye on things and if you aren’t comfortable with him being around your kids, ensure you do your best not to leave him alone with them. I certainly believe a mothers intuition never lies.  Please keep an eye on things and take care. ❤❤

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    Hi Roselyn,

    This is such a sensitive topic and I praise you for sharing your story. You should definitely keep a close eye on things going forward.

    1. Make sure she’s never alone with him even your husband is there (cos you mentioned you haven’t told him).

    2. Pls tell your husband. If bro in law is truly what we suspect then your husband most likely knows of an occurrence when they were younger. Besides he’s also her parent so he needs to be aware of the potential risk.

    3. Talk to your daughter about consent and her private parts. Don’t ask stylishly it won’t help. Tell her she needs to trust you to tell you of uncle (or anyone) touches her private parts – front and back and her breasts. Use the real name as well cos paedophiles tend to thrive on using “cute” names for private parts. Teach her to be assertive about saying NO it will also help in the future.

    It might be nothing at the end of the day (fingers crossed) and good luck!

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    This is huge roselyn!  I hope the above comments works for you.

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