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    Let’s talk some movies this morning after women also love to have fun.

    My Perspective on the Movie

    Finally I saw the movie and the man deserves the blame for all I care.

    See how …

    It’s complicated.

    The polarization of the world and love played out.

    The first betrayal of trust laid the foundation for the troubles that were to come.

    She never doubted him but that little trace of mistrust and growing impatience struck real hard…

    He too, he never fought for it. He didn’t try hard. He wasn’t tired of fighting so he should have fought harder.

    She had reached her peak and was allowed to run crazy for as long as she wanted to.

    I don’t blame her family, they were just being family.

    The other lady was simply an opportunist, she could have helped mend things if she wanted to but no… she wanted it all along.

    Maybe the wedding was not necessary, maybe it was what made the man remain stagnant. He pooled free when he left, his blessings came but then again, most breakthroughs come just when we are almost on the brick of giving up.

    By publicly living their dreams, he wanted her to see what he would have become, it was a revenge too and it wasn’t necessary. It also showed the dreams were not about her all along. It was his dream with his dream girl, she was just the drawing board upon which the dream was drawn. When the time was right, he gave life to the perfect image he created.

    She was angry, resentful, lust, beaten, defeated… she was everything but unwounded, she needed healing and he offered non. He just mocked her coldly… Can’t you see?

    She had no other option…
    #10million dollars was way too small for a woman you claim you love and wanted to do right by… It wasn’t what he wanted it to be…

    At the end, I understand…
    She had no option than to end it all.

    I understand.

    Only few would see it this way…

    The rest won’t.

    Empathy is dead, they probably are same way as the so called man so they wouldn’t understand death was her only way out.

    All she needed was to end it all for them, then for herself so that she may find peace.

    It was just too much.
    Way too much….

    If you want a further understanding of what loyalty and love is when presented in this same context, then replay EMPIRE and see how a man truly loves and appreciates his woman even though they are no more together…..

    The respect, empathy, appreciation and love is all that it’s about than it’s not……


    If you haven’t watched it go watch and let’s decipher and if you’ve drop your comments on your own perspective of the issue.

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    Saddest movie ever. It’s hard not to blame the man because he was supposed to provide for his family. But as I posted this morning, most Nigerian women are catering more for the family than men. I think that when he finally became rich, he should have done other things for the new wife. He should have bought another designer wedding gown, taken her to Dubai instead of Paris. Bought horse or airplane instead of yacht

    The woman allowed resentment and bitterness get the best of her. It’s just a sad movie. I don’t pray it happens to anyone

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    Anyway, am not a movie person

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    Oooh I’m feeling like I’m the only one who hasn’t seen this movie.  What other movie would you suggest I go see?

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    been hearing about this movie everywhere, wish I can watch it soon

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    Where canI wash the movie

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      I have been seeing this movie all over social media but I haven’t really been paying much attention to it but @precious with your review I will definitely be watching it tomorrow

      @afameso I think you can watch it on Youtube or google play tv (You will have to pay for it. Although I’m sure if it’s available in all countries)

      Try the link below and let me know if it works.

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    I’m yet to watch it though

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    This Acrimony is a must watch. Every couple needs to watch it.

    Mission impossible is also ok, not as wonderful as the former ones though

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