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    <!–more–>Hello African Mommy’s in the house. So something really funny happened to me and I don’t want to remember and laugh alone. Let me make you laugh too.

    It was on a Saturday evening, i was feeling bored and drained. I decided to take a walk with my baby ofcourse. I’m guessing you know how that turned out. I stopped at a saloon to straighten my hair then I saw a young girl fixing very beautiful eyelashes. I started to remember the days I had time for things like this and how beautiful I used to look.

    ImmidiaImme I asked that they should also fix the eyelash extension for me.

    After everything, beautiful ofcourse but I felt my eyes eewe heavy, very uncomfortable but I had to manage in the saloon so they won’t laugh at me. I got home excited that I would look different in church on Sunday. Tried to sleep at night I couldn’t. Lol! To cut the long story short I started pushing the lash, pushing the glue bit by bit, trying to get comfortable with it in my eyes and in few hours, I ripped it off and went to bed. Goodbye lashes. Never again! I cannot come and kill myself lol.

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    😆  😆 The pain of beauty ain’t easy. Bless you

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