No Presents Under A Christmas Tree Here! We Have Christmas Clothes Instead!πŸ˜‚

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    It’s all about the Joy that the season brings! And all over the world Christmas is celebrated differently. In my own world we don’t wake up in the morning to presents under a Christmas tree. We don’t even have Christmas tree except for the plastic ones but we get Christmas clothes. Childhood Memories of the Joy that fills my heart when I remember the way it felt wearing your new dress on Christmas day, we felt on top of the world. I know I’m a mom and i got Christmas Clothes for my kid but deep down, somewhere deep down I want Christmas clothes! Lol. How do you celebrate Christmas in your part of Africa? Let’s have fun

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    Lol! This got me laughing but in a way it made appreciate where I’m coming from. We all celebrate in our different ways what matters is that we are happy. Here is mine.

    Can you imagine that I was an adult already when I realized that the “father Christmas” I knew throughout my childhood is actually Santa.

    I always wondered what Santa clause meant until one day I was seeing a movie and boom! He dressed just like “father Christain” hehehe of course you are the first person hearing this.

    I Love my childhood still.

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      lolΒ  OMG! Roy girl you really cracked me up. But then again you are a geniusΒ because of the fact that they dunno yet that you call yours “Father Christmas”!

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    However you celebrate your Christmas, Christmas is Christmas

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    πŸ˜† it is indeed all about the Joy it brings. Chrismas is Christmas

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    😁 We don’t have real Christmas trees here either but the plastic ones and no real presents sitting around them. But I do get Christmas presents for my family and wrap them up for the season. I also give out presents no matter how little. Christmas tree or not, it’s a season of love and sharing. ❀

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