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    Poor academic performance at school is a serious issue that should be addressed. To find the right solutions, the first thing is to find out the cause; can be external or internal. External causes includes school environment, social interaction, teachers/ teaching techniques. While internal causes may involve problems at home, as well as children’s emotional state & maturity.

    Regardless of what the cause may be, it does not warrants punishment. It shouldn’t be about blaming people.

    If you can, encourage good study habits for children with poor academic performance, establishing routines and guidance, being patient, as this has to be done little by little in order to prevent them from feeling pressured, you child’s academic performance will improve greatly.

    What method are you using to improve your child’s academic performance?

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    I invest a lot on storybooks and I do not put pressure on my child e.g I mean I have go a friend whose children dread the Time when mom checks up on their school work cos mom always expect A+ all through without mum helping to understand why the A+ cldnt be achieved

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    I haven’t experienced it yet. He’s still a baby

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    Creating a reading time table sometimes work

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    I’m yet to know what to do,  baby is still growing

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    Make out time to teach him and try being practical while teaching your child at home and make learning fun

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    I always make time for my children to complete home works and has them what was taught in the schools.

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