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    Dear African Mommy Users,

    We have noticed that topics are been created on the forum with no values or aim. It appears like information are copied from the internet and pasted on the forum with no real value to users. As you may know, there is a competition running for the month of August 2018, to award our top 3 most active forum users cash. Please note that this will only be done if users are creating real useful topics that connects and benefits the users of African Mommy. We will strongly advise that all users to refrain from copying and pasting topics from the internet or just creating topic for the sake of being the most active forum user.


    Please Note: We will be deleting all topics like this from the forum as the aim of the forum is to support, empower and share our real life experiences in other to connect with others in the same situations and we aim to keep it this way.


    Please click here to quickly read the forum rules.

    Also don’t forget to make the forum fun and exciting for yourself and the rest of the community. After all, it is the place you come to relax, unwind and be uniquely you.


    When creating a topic, please ensure you choose the right category. Also see attached image illustration on ways you can make the forum more fun for you.


    Thanks for your understanding in advance.

    Forum SOP



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    Alright ma

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    Noted and understood

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    Thank you very much

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    Hmmmmmm, some people even keep repeating topics. Most times I got tired of reading the long epistle “copy & paste” ??

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      We hopefully won’t get this anymore. We will keep monitoring it. Thanks

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    Ok, thanks for correcting us

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    I have never copied and pasted before

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      ? Thanks for keeping to the forum’s policy

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    Ooo you said it all.

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    Thank you ma.

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