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    I’m infuriated by the non chalant attitude and disrespect from kids of nowadays. Especially the late 90’s and early 20th century.

    So many times I walk past a group of kids whom I know, even in my compound and they do not greet. I remember in my time, as a child / teenager I would even greet people I don’t know as far as they are older than me.

    In fact sometimes I’m walking past and I greet their parents and the kids are beside them and don’t greet. Most times the parents do not caution them to greet back. I trust my mum I would have gotten a big knock on my head.

    Parents please charity begins at home, train your child in the way of the Lord and when he’s old he will not depart from it

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    Respect is reciprocal, it should be given to who deserves it

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    Respect is earned, sometimes the way one behave and places him or herself brings respect to them

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    This is not a question of earning respect. A child is expected to show respect to his or her elders no matter what. All these, ┬ástarts from home training. Most children don’t know how to say good morning to their parents left alone strangers.

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