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    Respiratory tract infections are viral and bacteria infections. They are worsened during the raining season like now

    Precautions, avoid shaking people who have cold  and if you must wash your hands after

    Wear comfortable clothes for the weather like sweater, hoodie. Drink hot beverage and no sharing of utensils with affected people.

    Treatment, it’s really self limiting but some medication help for relief

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    This can be prevented by all the measures mentioned already. Prevention is better than cure

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Some people have a very delicate body that attracts sickness easily while some people are safe no matter the weather

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    It’s good to always be conscious of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Prevention as we know is far better than cure.

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing to add to that avoid taking too much ice cubed drinks or water.It kinda causes severe sore throats which can also lead to the above mentioned

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