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    Rotavirus is main cause of diarrhea in infants and children. It’s very contagious and it’s one of the leading cause of death in infants. Symptoms include diarrhea, nausea, irritability, fever.

    Rotavirus Vaccine called Rotarix produced by GSK is available in Nigeria. It has not been subsidized by the Government so it’s not part of the free vaccination given to babies in primary health centers.

    Rotarix prevents Rotavirus therefore there’s little or no episodes of diarrhea in babies vaccinated. The vaccine is orally administered and given twice. Once at 14 weeks and the second one should be given before 6 months.

    Personally I have researched and found that babies vaccinated against Rotavirus are less likely to have diarrhea unlike those who aren’t vaccinated.

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    Thanks for the info, the vaccines are really on the high side, if any one has the resources to take it it’s Worth’s it if not let’s try as much as possible to be mindful of our environment and what we give to our babies.

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    Thanks for sharing this with us

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    Nice one. It will be nice if government can subsidize the vaccine so the poor can also benefit from the vaccine. Just like Ujaybae said, we must be mindful of our environment and be conscious of the cleanliness of all baby feeding items. Cleanliness is next to a healthy living.

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    I never knew diarrhea have a vaccine. Am sure it will be out of reach for the low income earners since its yet to be subsidized by government. God will help us.

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    This is so educative I will read more on it

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