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    schools are currently on vacation and new seesion will begin soon ,what are the tips to look out for when searching for a new school ,as we all know that alot of children will be of age to enter school this period ,please share  important things to consider when searching for school.

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    When searching for a school for my child, 1st to consider is your budget. The school standard, number of subjects offers in and the number of existing teachers is very important. Another is the school social activities and lastly, the distance from home to school.

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    First is the fee, the standard of the school and the location it’s very important

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    Budget, safety of child and location. Also montessori schools are for shy children who don’t pick up easily. The teachers take care of them very closely compared to normal school

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    Past records isWhat i’m all out for.Let the parents of the children in these schools tell u their experiences

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