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    Sleep Training baby is very vital for the baby. Most times its better to start a routine early enough. There are different stages of naps for different ages.

    Today I will be talking about 1 year olds. They love to explore and play all day,so naps must be incorporated during the day to prevent restlessness at night.

    They should nap at least twice daily after feeding. But be careful with late evening naps because they tend to stay up later at night.

    Most times after dinner, they should be given a late night light dinner again to allow them sleep beautifully throughout the night.

    How do you sleep train your toddler?

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    Thanks for sharing

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    Sometimes when they had a lot of sleep during the day, We have to do late night bathing so that he can sleep well at night

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    this is no one formular suits all,watch your child ,learn him or her and choose how best it suits you.

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