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    To me it comes naturally to speak to my baby in my mother tongue, and my partner in his first language. Some people choose not to teach their kids their native language.

    I think it’s necessary to encourage your mother tongue in your household, because it gives your child a sense of belonging if she can speak her mother tongue.
    She will understand and be connected to her roots better.

    How important do you think it is, to teach your child her mother tongue?

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    Very Important.

    Infact I started talking to my baby in my mother’s tongue at a very young age cos when she grows I wanna be able to talk to my child in public without anyone knowing what we are saying.

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    It’s very important for a family to have a language they can communicate with freely even in the presence of a visitor.

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    I talk to my baby in her mother tongue even though she can’t respond yet but I’m very sure she’s hearing me

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    It’s very important and necessary. We can’t keep talking about civilization when we are losing our culture bit by bit

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    This is very necessary. I try it with my 1 year old son

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    Very Important as civilization is graduation taking our culture away from us, so bad.

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    Arghhh I will say I do my best. Preserving the culture and traditions that binds us is vital.

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    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Good to know that despite Western Influence, our African mommy’s still kno the importance of preserving our identity. Proud of us.</p>

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