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    Wigs are ready to wear hair which can be made if you have good hair and a neat hairdresser.  It can also be bought ready made.

    I just started my wig life few months ago and my life has never to remained the same. As a mother, it’s convenient, fast, easy and the best invention.

    That was what I thought until 2 events happened to me

    Firstly a little boy in my neighborhood asked me where I keep my head every evening, lol.

    Secondly my hubby started disturbing me for when I will make fine hair because he was tired of seeing the all back weaving on my head in the evening.

    Your really can’t please everyone, now I have to make my hair in the salon because pleasing your partner is important

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    It’s very important. Ordinarily it may seems your partner doesn’t notice but once you try to ignore, you will know their true feelings ?. Men are just like that.

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    I don’t like that wig thing

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    Wigs are Bae .

    All I need is a wig and am ready to go any place at any time

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    I have not try it

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    I have not try it

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    Well, for the most part, I think the wig does it for me. Liberation! just that I no longer take care of my natural hair

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