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    One of the joys of parenting is seeing your child burst in happiness both in your presence and your absence. Raising a child is a very daunting task and it takes a whole lot of virtues to accomplish it successfully. You may find these tips handy :

    1: when your child talks to you listen with undivided attention

    2: have a regular meal together as family it brings about sense of belonging and security.

    3:teach your child to manage his or her emotions , demonstrate emotional self  management

    4: ensure your child gets enough sleep, children who do not get enough sleep are often dull and sad.

    5:give your child enough time to play .

    6: resolve the conflict in your marriage

    7: punish your child when he or she errs, charity begins at home

    8:teach your child to appreciate the little things you do.

    9: allow your child to make their choices

    10: lastly be a role model to your child . Like begets like. Let your child look up to you

    I hope this helps someone.

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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>Thanks for sharing the tips</p>

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    Thanks for this beautiful write up

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