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    Vaccination is the treatment with a vaccine (the disease agent) to produce immunity against the disease.

    Contrary  to what people think that vaccines are just for babies, there are vaccines for adults too. For example Hepatitis vaccine is a very important vaccine because hepatitis is more infectious than even HIV. That is because the amount of hepatitis virus in blood or saliva is 10000 times more than HIV virus. It’s important to get your hepatitis vaccination.

    Another one is Human Pappiloma Virus vaccine (HPV). HPV is the leading cause of Cervical cancer and it can be prevented in women by taking the vaccine.

    Women from 25 years and above should go for Cervical cancer screening called Pap smear. This screening is to be done yearly. The HPV vaccine known as Cervarix helps to prevent cervical cancer.

    Theres also tetanus shot which should be taken every 10 years after the main shot.

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    Wao! This is awesome. Thanks for sharing. I actually do think vaccinations are for children. I did that of Hepatitis in the course of my job unknowingly. Ignorance is not good at all

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      You are welcome, glad to be of help

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    Very educative, thanks so much for sharing

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    Thanks for sharing

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    sure vaccines are not only meant for children and younger kids ,there are lots of it we even have for typhiod which can protect one upto 5years and there about kudos for pointing this out.

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    Super educative never heard of HPV.  Thanks to for this platform. I am learning so much here.

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    Very Insightful Thanks for sharing

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