What was the funniest thing u said during labour or in labour Room?? Let\’s hav

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    A lady that was in labour was accompanied by his husband ..and the husband was busy saying sorry mummy,and the lady scream..am not your mummy,dont u know your mummy again?stop it you are the cause of all this..lol??

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    Though am not the talking type but when the labour got hotter, I was talking to the baby in the womb “Baby pls come out abeg, this pain is too much for me, baby pls  mommy love you, have pity on me” ??? what an experience!

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    I said mummy my next children must be twins so that I won’t go through labor again after. Me that don’t like twins

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    The woman beside me was slapping her husband during labor. Serious slaps o, they had to push him out when it was getting too much. She said don’t ever say you want to do again o, lol

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    Heheheheee, being in labour is a serious business. My boo was not there. I kept saying, oooooo! this stupid man that put this thing inside me is not even here to see how am suffering. Stupid man, I will never allow you touch me again, come and touch me again, let me see. Chai mothers are passing through hell during labour. Kudos to every mother in the house ?

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    it was a memory to remember, i normally give birth with inducement so when it gets hotter ,i was told i was shouting no more giving birth after this one ,here i am today with two more extra ,i cant thank God enough cause i never knew i can bore such pain because am too soft  in nature .

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    Have not experience me saying funny thing while on Labour, you will just see me holding either the window, bed or anything  beside me so tight as if am dragging it with somebody.

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    I was just shouting and crying. I didn’t even know what to say the pain was extraordinary

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    mine is super funny. So i had this doctor friend in my labour room. and she was kinda supervising the nurses. I became almost like a woman going crazy with my loud unbearable screams.  I don’t remember saying any word just screaming and grabbing the nurses.  So my doc friend had done all to pacify me and it didn’t work. She yelled at me to get a hold of myself and in the midst off all that pain i replied ” I wish i can give it to you”   LOL!  It became something she and hubby use to joke around with me.  🙄

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