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    <p style=”text-align: left;”>I don’t want my children 14 & 12 yrs old to pass through child labour, at same time I want them to know what they supposed to do at every point in time as house chores such as sweeping, washing of their clothes, dish washing and cocking minor meals especially when am not around. Can doing these things because termed Over labour?</p>

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    Normal house chores teach a child to be responsible and independent. It’s not child labor. As far as the chores are age appropriate. Child labor begins when you give a child chores that aren’t appropriate for the age. For example telling a 5 year old to wash a huge amount of clothes or clean toilet. There are chores for certain ages and once you stick with it I think it’s fine for the child

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    House chores and errands is not child labour, it’s just part of the training to be given to child so he or she will be useful for their selves in future. A child who lacks home training lacks all everything a good child should have.

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    Thank you very much “Honey sweet” & “Kawthar-pearl”

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    “You spare the rod and spoil the child does not mean you inflict injury on the child. Abuse is different from correction. Correcting a child is different from abusing a child. In the act of correction, one may abuse a child if not careful. When you say a child has done something wrong and you want to correct such child, and then you beat the child beyond normal, you have abused him or her. Then, the correction has turned to abuse.

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    there is a big difference between child training and labour, i dont think any mother will subject her child in child labour,this is simple meaning of child labour the employment of children in an industry or business, especially when illegal or considered exploitative,is not as if when you are giving your child adequate training that will be beneficial in life .

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    <p style=”padding-left: 30px;”>I love this</p>
    Child Labour is giving a child something you clearly know is beyond them.

    In this topic I feel what differentiates both is just self conscience.When you give a child something  you know it’s beyond them your conscience just gives you a kick immediately.

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    That was how I saw my neighbour chasing after his 11-year-old son all over the place. I know kids can get on our last nerve, so i kept my cool but after chasing him and hitting him at every opportunity, my neighbour began to drag his son on the bare floor and i had to come in because to me it was beyound discipline, it was child abuse.

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