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    Hello African mom’s. I have been glued to my phone for some hours.  It has been an educative read thanks to you guys. But we can make it fun  cos after all being a mom doesn’t have to be boring. It will be amazing to hear moms from all over Africa share their African experience without being judged. Bare their heart, laugh at the jokes on here but above all support each other. How has this forum helped you? What do you want to see. Lets light this place up.

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    <p style=”text-align: right;”>This forum has been fun for me. But it will be amazing to see more personal experiences. I am happy to be part of African Mommy</p>

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    Whenever I  feel  bored I come here, it’s educative and fun

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    The forum has been helpful and fun. Thanks African mommy for this beautiful platform

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    I will love to see more interesting articles, more experiences from mothers and more group interactions

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    It’s been very helpful for me. I love it

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    This forum has helped me a lot. So many things I haven’t heard of or come across are now at my finger tips, courtesy, A.M forum

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    Some topics on this Forum has been enlightening and some have been unnecessary and I am happy the Administrator has come to put an end to this

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