Why Do African Mom's Shy Away From Sex Talk?

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    I came across a picture online that was somewhat funny about how African parents never show any form of romance but boom they have 7 kids. It took me down m memory lane you know.

    I remember growing up confused but didn’t have anyone to ask. I was also confused on the right way to wear sanitary towels.  I think the highest I got from my mom was make sure you stay away from boys if you don’t want to get pregnant.

    But this is the 21st century, we are mom’s right now! What are we doing to make it different, to make it better  and easier for out kids

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    yes true!  We are moms today and we are doing better. we are letting our kids know and understand their body, we tell our female child she is beautiful so she won’t be deceived by anyone who calls her beautiful, we talk and communicate, we have children who are not afraid to tell mummy anything.

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    we are doing great as mom and we work hard to be better



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    I think Shying away from sex talk was probably a culture thing because I do not have any other explanation to this but we have seen how this affected us, we know better now, we are doing better .

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    I think shying away from sex talk with your child or any other talk even is not cool at all. If we don’t talk about these things with them, they’ll end up talking about it with other people who might be of negative influence. Personally, I compete with GOOGLE with my daughter; I always find an answer to whatever it is she’s curious about and explain it as much as I can, so that she can come to me again. Don’t scare your kids away by reacting appalled by their innocent questions

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    Don’t forget to explain in details too! This should include pros and cons and examples! Haha 😛

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    I don’t. There are so many good ways to talk and educate your child about sex. Your child should be able to talk to you about anything

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