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    National statistics indicate that an increasing percentage of women with children are working either part or full time. And let me be quick to say that there is no alternative in some cases. Perhaps you are a single mother as the result of divorce or death. Maybe severe financial reverses have come upon your family. It could be that your husband hasn’t been able to find a job and you’ve had to step in as a wage-earner, but must know that your home is your priority.

    When you choose a career outside the home, there are going to be some consequences. There will be a lack of involvement in your children’s lives. There will be physical exhaustion, which can erode your relationship with your husband. There will be a growing apart if your career takes you in one direction and his career takes him in another. There will be demands placed upon you in the marketplace that may not suit your emotional makeup or your personal needs. But perhaps the greatest loss of all is your removal from the place of power and influence God has given you in your home. Your home is your greatest assets and your joy.

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    Yes I cherish my home.

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    @obere_micky I do not agree are you saying Women are only in this world to nuture a family?,Are you saying a woman cannot have passion for her career and family at the same time.Are you saying Being a full house wife guarantees one having a great home.

    Tell that Dora Akunyili,Okonjo Iweala and I could go on

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    Since we call it a family everyone has their own role to play

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    Women are actually super heroes they can do wonders from work to home to personal upkeep

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    Very true

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