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    Nowadays I have heard a lot of women complaining about how their husbands aren’t providing for the family.

    In this 21st century, women have become more hardworking. And with the advent of social media , they own many businesses. Some are social media influencers and they make money from it.

    Now I can understand if hubby is going through a rough patch, it’s good to support. But I realized that some husbands take it for granted that even when they finally have money they still leave the woman to be catering for the house.

    This is unfair because in Nigeria, just being a mother alone is stressful and can make you age faster not to talk of being a full housewife or working mother.

    I believe that when you support your family, do it wholeheartedly but remember to caution your spouse and remind him that he’s the head of the family. This is to avoid ┬ácatering for the family forever.

    Please share your experiences

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    Frankly,  many women are now performing the function of man and woman at same time, probably because the man in her life is either not providing or not providing enough.

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    It will Schick you that up to 50% of women in the middle or Lowe class of the society are the breadwinners of their families Even with a man in the house

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    As a family, I think anyone can provide for the family needs when they have it doesn’t have to be the husband alone. With this women are gaining more stable stand and confidence in the relationship

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      You really don’t get the point of the post. Please try and understand it again, I wrote that women can support but should not be solely responsible

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    A woman can go to any length, do anything just to give her best to her family, that’s the strength of an African woman.

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    This is already a rampant issue everywhere men don’t want to be the head anymore

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