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    When women support each other it makes them better in every aspect of their lives whether they are mothers, sisters, daughters, nieces, friends, etc.
    Holding up the arms of one another touches families, communities, cities, and the world. Just think of the impact we can make to our generation, the one ahead of us and to the ones behind us.

    So, in what ways could you support women in your sphere of influence?

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    I will like to help when I’m capable of doing so, I know it’s soon

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    By educating women

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    Thank Obere for this awesome content. Truth is women haven’t totally understood what it means to support each other. Some people feel its about money but its really totally about the little we do for each other. Like standing up for a woman when she is being talked down or cheated.  We have grown to a point where men should no longer say women are their own enemies.

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    Giving valuable advises will help a woman like me.

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