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    We mothers are awesomely blessed and medically equipt naturally with our breast milk to take care of our children even in time of sickness.
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    <div class=”LGOjhe” data-hveid=”11″><span class=”ILfuVd yZ8quc NA6bn”>Your breast milk can be used to treat Eye Infections & Ear Infections. Cuts, Minor Burns, and Small Wounds. It facilitated the healing process of wounds and prevent them from becoming infected.</span></div>
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    You can say that again, mothers are highly blessed

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    I have been using it as eye drop for my baby, it works best. God gave us everything women are just wonderfully blessed

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    Yes women are wonderfully created.

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    Proud to say that I’m wonderfully created

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    It is so wonderful, that is why it is called liquid gold.

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