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    Sexual harassment at work place has become the order of the day especially in Nigeria where getting job and keeping your job is very difficult. Many women who cannot yield to the pressure loose their jobs on daily basis. Now it’s a war between maintaing your dignity or trade your honour for a stipence in the name of salary.

    Is there any possible solution,probably legal actions to protect women?

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    I think there are legal actions. But like rape and domestic violence most women involved are scared to talk about and report. God help us

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    To me it’s better to hold your integrity firm. Come to think about it, ┬áit’s not as if it’s going to stop except you are ready to keep servicing him as long as your are ready to keep the job

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    integrity works best in situations like this

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    The way and manner women are being treated at work need to be taken up. May God keep seeing us tru

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    Of course there are legal actions that can be taken be taken but our law system in Nigeria is so weak in Cases like this.

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