2019-07-26 7:39:13 PM

The first trimester is almost over, which is good news! The risk of a miscarriage has dropped significantly at 13 weeks pregnant. Your placenta is now fully developed and if you haven’t already started to show, you should by now. You’ll also feel renewed energy and less mood swings. Here’s what to expect this week. … Continue reading “13 WEEKS PREGNANT”


2019-05-24 8:12:47 AM

At 11 weeks pregnant, your little one is looking almost human now and you should also feel just a little better yourself even though your hormones are still raging. Here’s what to expect: YOUR GROWING BABY Your baby now measures about 1.6 inches and weighs about .25 ounces. He’s now as big as a lime! … Continue reading “11 WEEKS PREGNANT”