7 Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule

2019-09-06 10:53:44 AM

“I’m too busy.” This is one of the biggest excuses for not keeping fit. You have your kids and your whole family to care for, your job is too demanding or the gym is just too far away. The list is endless! But if you really really want to exercise, you can make out time … Continue reading “7 Ways to Incorporate Exercise Into Your Busy Schedule”


2019-07-26 6:36:04 PM

Continuing on from my last post on hair porosity test, I want to share with you how knowing what your hair porosity is will help determine tha kind of products you use in your hair and your child’s hair. High Porosity Having highly porous hair means your hair takes in moisture easily. On the flip … Continue reading “HAIR POROSITY AND PRODUCT CHOICE”