2019-07-04 9:05:13 AM

Wash Tips for a Smooth Wash Day with Toddlers. Watch video below 👇🏿 – It’s best to detangle your LO’s hair with your fingers to avoid breakage. This also means less pain for children with tender scalps. – Moisture is your friend so ensure to spray water over your child’s hair before dealing with it. … Continue reading “TODDLER WASH AND GO!”

How to achieve financial freedom – the roadmap.

2019-06-28 5:52:32 PM

People’s definition of financial freedom might vary from one person to another, depending on what stage of their life they are in. However, one thing that’s bound to be common is the need for enough money. One sad thing, though, is that very few people ever achieve financial freedom. And it’s not for a shortage … Continue reading “How to achieve financial freedom – the roadmap.”