Food Choking Hazards & How to Avoid Them

2024-04-18 7:37:24 PM

As little ones discover the world of chewing and swallowing, it’s important to remember that they might encounter some challenges along the way. Like choking. By the time they reach 12 months, they’re becoming quite the little eater, perhaps even feeding themselves. However, there are still some foods that could pose a choking risk. It’s … Continue reading “Food Choking Hazards & How to Avoid Them”


2019-02-01 9:38:39 AM

Every mom will appreciate a day without having her baby cry all over the place., a good night sleep without being woken by her crying baby. This is why this article is put together to give moms practical ways to stop their baby tears straight away. Gentle rocking while speaking softly according to experienced moms … Continue reading “10 TRIED AND TESTED WAYS TO SOOTHE A CRYING BABY”

9 Weird But Totally Normal Things About Your Newborn

2018-12-06 10:30:21 AM

If you are a first time mom to be,  get ready to be swept off your feet and terrified at the same time because these babies are full of surprises! Just when you think you’re totally prepared for them, they will shock you. You probably spent your whole third trimester reading everything in the book … Continue reading “9 Weird But Totally Normal Things About Your Newborn”

Daycare Vs Hiring A Nanny

2018-11-08 3:14:06 AM

 We understand that every family has different needs when it comes to childcare and what works for your neighbour or your best mom friend might not work for you! To help any moms who are embarking on this decision for themselves,  here are the pros and cons of two common childcare solutions: hiring a nanny and enrolling your child … Continue reading “Daycare Vs Hiring A Nanny”


2018-04-03 11:56:16 AM

By Temitope Rotimi You’ve been spending loads of money on disposable diapers month after month and then you meet another mom who shares the gospel of cloth diapers to you and it is undeniably captivating. So you begin to wonder, which is the best for you and your child? Cloth diapers have come a long … Continue reading “CLOTH VS DISPOSABLE DIAPERS”