Breasts or Boobs? (Part 3)

2018-09-14 5:11:27 AM

Breasts or boobs? (Part 3) Dr. Gregory Oyinloye How do you care for the breasts? Considering the breasts’ tremendous importance to reproduction, self image and sexual satisfaction, proper attention needs to be paid to them. Once the breast has started to bud it is best to learn how to self examine them, and get acquainted … Continue reading “Breasts or Boobs? (Part 3)”

Breasts or boobs? (Part 2)

2018-09-06 6:25:58 AM

Breasts or Boobs? (Part 2) Dr. Gregory Oyinloye What are the problems to look out for? Problems could arise from any tissue within the breasts and some of these are; Breast pain (Mastodynia) This is the most common problem of the breast. Like every other part of the body, breast pain is a major problem … Continue reading “Breasts or boobs? (Part 2)”