2021-08-26 6:37:24 AM

At week 19 you are just a week away from being half way through your pregnancy! You probably can’t wait for your mid-pregnancy ultrasound and if you would like to know the sex of your baby, you might be even more excited. Here’s what to expect this week. YOUR GROWING BABY Your baby is about … Continue reading19 WEEKS PREGNANT

The Grisly Chronicles of Dr. G. (Part 2)

2021-07-01 3:17:48 PM

It was a calm evening at the local, privately-owned hospital where I worked part-time in the evenings. We were all sitting outside due to erratic power supply and a weather. Though working all day gives such a creak in the neck, medical workers do get bored when there’s no work to be done. It might … Continue reading “The Grisly Chronicles of Dr. G. (Part 2)”