2019-07-04 9:05:13 AM

Wash Tips for a Smooth Wash Day with Toddlers. Watch video below 👇🏿 – It’s best to detangle your LO’s hair with your fingers to avoid breakage. This also means less pain for children with tender scalps. – Moisture is your friend so ensure to spray water over your child’s hair before dealing with it. … Continue reading “TODDLER WASH AND GO!”

5 Reasons Why Your ‘Edges’ are Thinning Out

2019-06-21 8:00:33 AM

Is your hairline thinning out? You’re not alone. Hair loss along the edges or hair loss in general is a very common beauty problem. Our hair is a unique part of our identity and in a society where beauty and physical appearance are placed on such high standards, losing your hairline or edges can be … Continue reading “5 Reasons Why Your ‘Edges’ are Thinning Out”