Benefits of High Protein in Your Diet

2018-10-02 8:37:18 PM

A high protein diet has become very popular as people strive to find more sustainable ways to lose weight and keep it off. Having more protein in your diet and less carbohydrates is indeed proven to help you with shedding excess weight faster. Let’s take a look at how and why this is the case. … Continue reading “Benefits of High Protein in Your Diet”

Can You Eat Nigerian Food and Lose Weight?

2018-06-26 12:17:05 PM

By Rume Ameke Can you eat Nigerian foods and lose weight? This is a question most of us would ask considering the fact that our staple foods like Yam, Plantain, Cassava, Rice and the likes tend to contain a good amount of starch and carbohydrates. It would initially seem impossible to lose weight eating such … Continue reading “Can You Eat Nigerian Food and Lose Weight?”