CORONAVIRUS: Safeguarding You and Your Kid(s)

2020-03-18 7:19:57 PM

Dr Bolanle Diya Ebhaleme (Pediatrician) guides us through the steps we need to take to safeguard our families. Prevention, taking precautions, staying safe and watching out for symptoms in kids and adults. She also talks through next action steps to take if you develop similar symptoms. Watch here and air your concerns in the comment … Continue reading “CORONAVIRUS: Safeguarding You and Your Kid(s)”

The Grisly Chronicles of Dr. G.

2020-03-13 4:09:28 PM

Gynaecology calls were never my favourite as an intern, if anyone had said I’d be working mostly with women now I’d have rebuked the devil. True to my thoughts, I am not a gynaecologist but in my line of diagnostic medicine most of my patients are those with gynaecological problems such as infertility, pregnancy and … Continue reading “The Grisly Chronicles of Dr. G.”