Forum Rules

African Mommy Forum/Group House Keeping Rules
  1. African Mommy in this case refers to a registered forum and group user of the website. (AM is African Mommy for short)
  2. African Mommy shall only create topic discussions from real life experiences or situation that relates to her and AM won’t copy and paste information from the internet. ⛔❌Post that do not follow this rule will be deleted automatically without notice.
  3. African Mommy shall not judge ⚖
  4. African Mommy shall not use vulgar language?
  5. African Mommy shall not disclose other people’s identity/story outside of the community without their permission.
  6. African Mommy shall mind thy business if you have nothing supportive or constructive to say. (If you do not have something nice to say, say nothing at all.)???
  7. African Mommy shall be supportive and encouraging to other African Mommies.
  8. African Mommy shall not bully. We have a zero tolerance to bullying.
  9. African Mommy shall report abusive/offensive comment to