2019-01-24 1:27:58 AM

It’s been a great time for African Mommy. Shile Ismaila, our African mommy CEO has been on a media tour, promoting what we do here on African mommy and trust me, this tour is fun fun fun. Here is a short captivating video capturing moments from the Media Tour.

5 Nutritious Finger Foods for Your Baby or Toddler

2018-11-22 8:19:12 AM

It’s a great milestone when babies learn to pick food up with their tiny fingers and feed themselves. Your toddler will also want to take control of their own meals most of the time. This is when to give them healthy and delicious foods like fruits and veggies, whole grains, meats, fish, beans, and more … Continue reading “5 Nutritious Finger Foods for Your Baby or Toddler”