How to Encourage Kids to Play Outside

2019-08-23 11:26:42 AM

As a child growing up, I remember playing outside a lot, riding my bike down our street, building stuff with sand, playing fun games with the other kids in the neighbourhood and and even walking to school. Playing outdoors as a kid was gold, I would practically beg to go outside. It was a time … Continue reading “How to Encourage Kids to Play Outside”

10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer

2018-07-23 11:35:29 AM

Summer holiday is a time to unwind and relax with the family but it can get tough and tiring. When kids are home all day, free from the normal school routine, they can get bored easily and boredom often leads to inattentiveness, whining and other mischief. This can also affect the sanity of parents or … Continue reading “10 Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer”