10 Fun Indoor Activities for You and Your Family This Easter

Easter Activities

Easter is here and many of us will be spending it at home, indoors, with family! Apart from the traditional Easter Hunt, there are other fun festive activities you and your family can enjoy. So from potato sack races, Easter crafts to memory games, we’ve put together a list of these fun activities for you. Which of them would you be interested in? Tell us in the comment box!

Enjoy Easter-Themed Books or Movies

Reading together is a great family activity that encourages bonding and can even improve the kids grades in school. Watching movies together can also build strong bonds. Check out some Easter books or movies to enjoy with your family this season.

Egg/Jelly Bean Color Match

Nothing like a fun activity that also encourages learning. This Color Match game will help your young ones get better at identifying colours. Colour up some eggs with different colours and hide them around the house. Split the family into colour teams and let each team find their respective colours. Fun, right? You can also use jelly beans. Check out a tutorial here.

Easter Egg Puzzles

Replace candy with puzzle pieces in your Easter eggs. Let your kids look for the eggs and then work together to put the puzzles together to get a special Easter message! Learn how it works here.

Fun Easter Crafts

Keep your kids busy and entertained with fun and easy Easter crafts like paper bunny ears, bunny masks, or easy Easter baskets. Check out these 10 Fun And Easy Easter Crafts For Kids.

Indoor Easter Egg Hunt

This is a Classic Easter activity but it most definitely doesn’t have to be boring. You might not be able to participate in a community Egg Hunt because of the lockdown but you can still have a fun Egg Hunt indoors or in your backyard. Hide Easter Eggs around your home and let your kids go around with a basket to find them.

Guessing Games

This is another fun Easter game to enjoy with your family members. You can fill a jar up with jelly beans and ask the players to guess how many candies there are in the jar. The player who guesses the closest is the winner. And guess what, the winner takes all the candy! Another way to play this game is to ask the players to guess the correct flavour of any jelly bean they taste.

Plant Some Flowers

Easter symbolizes rebirth and a new beginning. So planting flowers or other plants is a way to express the true meaning of Easter to your child(ren).

Potato Sack Race

If your kids are rather athletic, this activity is for them. Give each of them a sack and have them race to the finish line. The winner should get a gift!

Egg and Spoon Race

Another athletic activity for you and your family this Easter. The players have to run the race holding a spoon with an egg on it. The winner gets a treat! And of course it’s better to use wooden or plastic eggs.

Bake Yummy Easter-themed Pastries

The whole family baking together is always fun! Messier, but definitely more fun! Beat up some dough for delicious Easter cookies or some Hot-Cross Buns. Check out some recipes.

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