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10 Fun Ways To Celebrate New Years Eve with Kids

New Year's Eve with kids

New Year’s Eve is traditionally considered as a holiday for adults. This is true because midnight is way past a child’s bedtime. But, we can still celebrate the new year as a family with children involved, bonding and having fun together.

Here are fun ideas to celebrate new years eve with your family.

  1. You may choose to be at your place of worship, as it is slowly becoming a tradition across Africa. The idea is to get into the new year with a renewed faith in what you believe in.
  2.  Since midnight is past most kid’s bedtime, you could hold a mock New Year’s Eve, celebrating at 8 or 9 pm instead of keeping them till midnight.
  3.  Play some Family-friendly New Year’s Eve games
  4. If you have enough space, pitch a tent or your mosquito net lol! and let the kids have a slumber party with their siblings
  5. Invite your friends and neighbours, tell them to come with alarm clocks so you can have plenty alarm go off at once at midnight or 8 pm if you are having a mock New Year’s Eve. When the alarm starts ringing, do fun things, bang pot and pans, hug and kiss each other, wish everyone a happy new year.
  6. Make craft art with your kids
  7. It could just be one fun Karaoke night with the kids
  8. Buy or make matching pyjamas for a fun-filled 31st night with the kids
  9. Enjoy the night by playing dress up
  10. Turn up the music and dance into the Newyear!!!





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