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4 Business Tips for Single Mothers

Single mother entrepreneurs

For most single mothers, a startup is motivated by the zeal to provide the best life possible for her child. Having to raise a child on your own is really a lot of work and I think the society really needs to commend the effort of a single mothers and stop shaming them. They are superheroes.

If you are a single mom and you intend to start a business, here are things you need to know.

1. Growth in business is a gradual process. You should understand that every startup takes time to grow, don’t be so hard on yourself instead keep working at it and watch it grow. Nobody ever gets anywhere from worrying too much. So worry less and work more.

2. Yes you have a child you support alone. It gets really hard but let the difficulty inspire you and not bring you down. Don’t let anyone talk you down, always stand up for yourself. Wear your single mom- super hero attitude and walk like one.

3. Your child(ren) will always be there to crave for attention. As much as it can be distracting, bring them in, show them what your business is all about and work together. Trust me it gets easier when they try to help mommy.

4. Finally, don’t spend more than you earn. Always keep a detailed financial account and never forget to save. I understand that not everyone knows how to keep accounts , so if you can’t get trained on that it’s best you hire an accountant.

Having a business is never a bad idea as it makes you an independent, strong woman who can take care of herself and her child. Dear African Mommy reading this, are you a strong, independent woman? Tell us what you do in the comment box below.

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