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5 Ways To Improve Yourself During The Lockdown.

While the lock down has been on for months, everyone has had their own unique way of dealing with it, and almost everyone would agree it’s been a hell of a ride. African mommy brings you a few ways to stay creative, develop yourself and kill boredom while the planet heals.

A few things you can do that guarantees extra side income, a new learning experience, a new skill and an interesting challenge include:

  • Reading Books: staying engaged with books breathes new life into the stay at home experience! Fiction for example helps you live a new story, relatable stories makes your mind wander, kill boredom and improve your thought process which makes the mind flexible, History, school work, picture books are also an excellent way to train your mind to stay on course alert and sharp!
  • Meditate: meditation is one of the most common remedies to fight stress. Stress reduction is the main reason why people meditate and many credible sources insist that mediation helps a great deal why physici and mental stress. The Calm App on Android and ios has a lot of music, premium stories and royalty free tunes to help with very relaxing meditation, try it!
  • Build an Ecom Store: e-commerce is the future! And the future is now!  Reportedly ad costs have become lower and online engagement is at an all time high, so why now e-commerce ? With basic web development skills, you can set up a Shopify store in 3 hours learn a bit of marketing and start drop shipping worldwide! Essential products to sell include easy fitness products, kitchen products, dog toys, kid toys and more.
  • Learn a skill: the best time to learn a skill was five years ago, the next best time is NOW. A lot of online academies are giving huge discounts and free courses on copywriting, web development, UI/UX design, graphics design and tons of other marketable skills, grow your skill set, upgrade your resume and portfolio by picking and learning an interesting skill.
  • Start a blog: with a blog, you get to share your thoughts, you benefit from royalty payments with pay per click ad networks like Google Adsense and other give, your blog can also be used for affiliate marketing and with good Seo you’ll be well on your way to earning good figures monthly for life!

So there’s that, read, digest implement and stay safe!

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